Pastors & Staff

Rich Stein

Lead Pastor

South African born, Rich and his wife Jo moved to the UK in 2006 where he studied Theology at Cambridge University and served in two churches before moving to Encounter Church in the US in 2017, where he serves as Pastor. He is passionate about worshipping our King and teaching His word, seeing the Kingdom of God reign in our cities, seeing and experiencing the gifts of the Holy Spirit come alive in our everyday lives and discipling believers in growing their gifting! This excites him because he gets to live this out everyday, everywhere and with his incredible family! He also loves people, coffee, food, sports and humor.

Sean Williams

Worship Director

Hailing from South Africa, Sean been leading worship for the past 20 years, alongside working as a Sound Designer. He became a Worship Pastor in May 2018 and he has a passion for songwriting, recording and leading worship in a way that creates space for the Holy Spirit to move. He is dedicated to raising up the next generation to be passionate worshippers of Jesus.

Lisa Frey

Worship Coordinator

A born and raised Napan, Lisa has grown to love the Lord through her passion for music and worship. She joined Encounter Church with her husband Gabriel in early 2018, where she took interest in supporting the worship team through her love for singing and percussion. With a background in Music and Business she has taken on this role to support the worship team in administrative duties and has rejoined the team in worship after the arrival of their first-born son, Ezra! Her heart for fellowship and family drives her faith to grow and empower through Jesus’ message.

Gabriel Frey

Preaching & Teaching Assistant

With a passionate heart for family, Gabe is dedicated to raising a generation to be Holy Spirit driven worshippers for Jesus’ Kingdom. After being baptized by Holy Spirit fire, his hunger for spiritual worship and intercession continues to drive his passion to pursue God’s vision and His miracles. With a history and study focus in Deliverance and Sozo ministry, Gabe desires to see healings and complete restoration of all our physical, emotional and spiritual roots. He enjoys his days spending time with his amazing wife Lisa and son Ezra, watching movies, and satisfying his sweet tooth with chocolate!

Sarah Traverso

Missions Coordinator

Sarah has been a part of Encounter Church since 2019 along with her husband Mario.  She’s spent the last 10 years serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators in various roles in Human Resources and now leads the Mobilization team.  She has a passion for the unreached and loves helping people see how God has equipped and called them.

Kat Salinas

Kids Ministry Coordinator

Children are a priority to God, you can see how much He cares for them by Jesus’ response in the beginning of Mark 10. Throughout the bible He instructs us how to teach them and raise them in a godly way. Originally from England by way of New York City,  Kat is a mom of three young children and business owner in Saint Helena. She has a passion for nurturing and teaching kids to know how loved they are by God and see them grow in wonder and passion for the world around them. She enjoys nature walks, reading, bike rides with her kids and sleeping in.

Jolayn Stein

Administrative Coordinator

South African born, Jo and her family have been a part of Encounter Church  since 2017 when they emigrated from the UK to follow God's calling on their lives to serve in the Napa Valley. Jo is the Administrative coordinator for Encounter Church.  All the things that get done in the background, on the computer and behind the scenes… oh and the website and app… yeah that’s her! She wouldn’t call it a passion but she would call it a gifting. It’s important and a biblical gift and function of the church; the office of Administration (1 Corinthians 12:28). It’s a part of the body of Christ that gets the whole body working and functioning properly. She enjoys serving Jesus and the church in this way!
Part time Administrative coordinator, full time mom of 2 beautiful girls, she enjoys reading and watching movies.

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